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Assam Tour Packages

Explore one of the lands of the Seven Sisters of North East India, Assam where the mighty Brahmaputra River flows. With our Assam Holiday Packages, unwind the city galore into a natural paradise. The state is abundant with tea plantations, paddy fields, majestic hilltops, and rich flora and wildlife.

From the largest Majuli river island to exotic wildlife and lush greenery of Kaziranga National Park, pilgrimage site Hajoli and Kamakhaya Temple to thrilling places for adventure Silchar, Darang, and Haflong, the place houses something for everyone. To add more fun flavors to your holidays, Assam is no short of reasons to celebrate the tradition and customs of different tribes in each season like the Bihu Festival in April, Bare Saharia Bhaona- celebrated once every 5 years, Dehing Patkai Festival, and Judima Festival in December, Jorhat Assam Tea Festival in November, Bathow Puja in July-August, and much more.

If you’re looking for a budget travel deal to Assam, browse and choose from our Assam Tour Packages, mindfully crafted by our travel experts to provide you with an unforgettable vacation experience.

Best Time to Visit Assam

Assam in Summer- The summer season from March to June is a peak tourist season as the place boasts colorful flowers, lush tea cultivation and green paddy fields, and a clear blue sky. The temperature goes up to 38 C with pleasant sunshine and chilly winds.

Assam in Monsoon-The state receives rainfall in abundance with the chill temperature between 21C to 35 C from July to September. It is an ideal time for sightseeing and water sports activities. It is advised to avoid visiting Assam during monsoon as the heavy rain causes frequent landslides.

Assam in Winter-Located in Northeast India, Assam receives pleasant to quite cold weather in winters with the temperature drops to -8 C at times. From October to March is the best time to visit the state as the place celebrates several major festivals during this time like Rabha Hajong Chandubi Festival & Junbeel Mela in January, Karbi Youth Festival in February, and Maha Shivaratri in February-March.

How to Reach Assam

By Air- The major and nearest airport to Assam is located in Guwahati- Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport located about 27 km from your destination. The airport is connected with direct flights to many major cities including Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Cochin, Bangalore, and Mumbai.

By Train-Reach Guwahati, connected by air and roads with the major cities like Delhi, Chennai, and Bangalore, and catch a direct train to Assam from there. It is the best mode of transport for those looking for budget travel.

By Road-The road lines are well-connected through many major National Highways connecting Assam with the entire India. Many state buses and rented cabs are available from Guwahati to reach Assam easily.

Major Tourist Attractions in Assam

  • Kamkhaya Temple- DThe temple is dedicated to one of the four Shaktipeeths, Kamakhaya. It is one of the most revered shrines of Hindu Goddess Shakti in India dating back to the 8th century. The best time to visit the temple is in June to attend the major Ambubachi Festival that celebrates the woman’s powers to give birth. Kaziranga National Park- Covering a larger part of Nagaon, an unexplored village in Assam, Kaziranga National Park is the best place for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts to visit in India. It is home to rare one-horned rhinos in a larger number, royal Tigers, Pochard Duck, White Goose, and many various species of flora, fauna, and aquatic life.
  • Majuli Islands- Located near Jorhat, Majuli Island is a must-visit place to visit in Assam. This world’s largest river island boasts the sparkling, pollution-free waters of the Brahmaputra River and is recognized as one of the UNESCO Heritage Sites for its unique and fascinating Tribal culture.
  • Guwahati- Visit the largest city in Assam, Guwahati famous for the sacred Kamakhaya Temple and Umananda Island. It is one of the top tourist places for backpackers, adventure seekers, and anyone who searching for serenity and enjoys the wildlife safari and famous temples sightseeing.
  • Silchar- Situates south of Guwahati, Silchar is an offbeat place for travelers to visit in Assam. It is a gateway to Barak Valley surrounded by the Barail Hills in the north, Mizoram to the south, Manipur to the east, and Bangladesh to the west. One of Asia’s largest Hindustan Paper Corporation Ltd. Mills Is a major attraction among tourists here.
  • Jorhat- Also Known as the Tea Capital of India, Jorhat is a famous place in Assam for its culturally rich and commercially viable importance to the state. Surrounded by the paddy tea fields and verdant meadows, one can visit the mosques, tombs, and colorful gardens.
  • Dibrugarh- Another largest city in Assam, Dibrugarh is a well-connected city with the major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Guwahati, and Bhuvaneswar by air and road. The city offers several fun outdoor activities like river rafting in the Brahmaputra and attends the most important Bihu Festival in April.
  • Tezpur- It is one of the most beautiful cities in Assam, which is packed with rich flora, fauna, and diverse culture. The place is a major attraction among every kind of traveler for it houses the famous Nameri National Park and an archaeological excavation site- Padam Pukhuri.
  • Sivasagar- It is one of the most upbeat places to visit in Assam. The place is believed to be home to centuries-old civilization and was an ancient kingdom of Ahom kings till 1838. the place receives semitropical monsoon season, hence is rich with varieties of flora and fauna.
  • Hajo- Situated on the banks of Brahmaputra about 27 km away from Guwahati, Hajo is a major ancient pilgrimage place in India for Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists. Witness the distinct religions and their cultures while praying in the shrines of Goddess Durga & Lord Shiva, Powa Mecca Mosque, and Hayagriva Madhava Mandir.
  • Darang- Explore the spellbinding natural landscapes and centuries-old culture and heritage dating back to the Mahabharata. The place is adorned with different species of flora and wildlife preserved in several famous places such as Orang National Park and Pukhuria Beel.
  • Haflong- The only hill station in Assam, Haflong is a trekking paradise famous for its rich biodiversity and verdant valleys and hills. Take in the spectacular views of Haflong Lake and Haflong Hill while boating and visit the ruins of Maibong.

Thrilling Activities to do in Assam

  • River Rafting- Indulge in the most adventurous activity at Brahmaputra River in Assam and feel the currents of rapids when chill water splashes all over you.
  • Parasailing- Soar high like a bird and get a beautiful bird’s eye view of the city. It is one of the most popular and completely safe outdoor activities to indulge in Assam.
  • Mountain Cycling- Paddle through the muddy trails of forests and rugged terrains of hills in Assam. To make your vacation more interesting, participate in several cycling and motorbiking rallies organized by the Assam Tourism Department.
  • Trekking- Explore the splendors of Assam amid natural landscapes, dense forests, and pristine lakes and rivers in Hajoli, Dibrugarh, and Assam State Zoo.
  • Kayaking- Being the wettest region in India, North East India is blessed with boundless rivers and lakes, offering the best spot for kayaking in Brahmaputra, Siang, Kameng, Subansiri, and many other rivers in Assam.
  • Rock Climbing- Take a challenge and climb the rocky hills in Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary and Assam State Zoo and get the best adventure and thrilling experience in Assam.
  • Fishing-It is one of the most fun outdoor things to do in Assam with family and kids. Catch yourself a fish for dinner in the Jia Bhoroli River, home to endangered Golden Mahseer fish. The place hosts an intense fish game every year during November and December that attracts a larger number of tourists and fishers from all around the globe.
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Best Holiday Packages for Assam


6 days Assam Honeymoon Tour

5 Nights / 6 days Starting From
Rs 8,700 View Detail Enquire Now

6 days Assam Honeymoon Tour

5 Nights / 6 days Starting From
Rs 8,700 View Detail Enquire Now

6 days Assam Honeymoon Tour

5 Nights / 6 days Starting From
Rs 8,700 View Detail Enquire Now

6 days Assam Honeymoon Tour

5 Nights / 6 days Starting From
Rs 8,700 View Detail Enquire Now

Frequently Asked Questions About Assam Travel

Q.What is the best time to plan Assam Tour Itinerary?
October to March during the winter season is the best time to visit Assam when the temperature remains between 28 C to -8 C. Enjoy the cool weather and tranquil surroundings with our Assam Trip Package and step into the culturally rich, and historic land of Seven Sisters, housing diverse flora and fauna, and many important and fun fests and festivals.
Q.Is Assam worth visiting?
Whether a history buff, wildlife enthusiast, or nature lover, Assam is the perfect place for the traveler of every type. There are several famous and most beautiful places a tourist can visit including Guwahati, Haflong, Darang, Silchar, Dibrugarh, etc., and many adventure activities such as trekking, camping, river rafting, and jungle safari.
Q.How many days are sufficient for Assam Trip?
For satisfying sightseeing and getting a thrilling experience, a minimum of 4 to 5 days would suffice to make the most out of your Assam Tour Package. You can visit the Guwahati Planetarium, wildlife safari in Manas National Park, tea shopping in Jorhat, the famous Bihu Cultural Festival in April, and much more.
Q.Is Assam safe to travel with kids?
Whether you wish to travel with your kids or go on a solo expedition, Assam is completely safe to explore this beautiful place at its full. The place hosts hundreds of thousands of travelers every year from all around the world. Just make sure to keep your belongings safe and avoid strolling on unknown trails alone at night.
Q.What should I pack for my Assam Tour?
Depending on which season you are going on the trip some basic things to pack for your Assam Vacation are extra pair of clean socks, sports t-shirts, recyclable bottles and containers, sunscreen, goggles/hat, toiletries, torch, power banks, charging cord, and basic medical kit with antiseptics, bandage, pain-relief spray, and other basic cold and fever medication. If traveling during monsoon and winter pack a raincoat, and good woolens.