Rohini Vrat Festival India 2023

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  • Dates:25-Dec-2023
  • Location:(UttarPradesh,MadhyaPradesh), india


People of the Jain faith observe the fast of Rohini Vrat because of its significance. For this reason, Rohini Nakshatra is chosen as the day to abstain from food. This is why the fast is known as the Rohini Vrat. When Rohini Nakshatra ends, so does the fast. After the close of Rohini Nakshatra, Margashirsha Nakshatra begins. The Rohini Vrat occurs monthly for 12 months of the year. The fasting ritual of Falahar must be completed before sundown because eating is forbidden after dark.

It is widely held that all this fast is maintained for a minimum of three years and up to seven. If we're talking about how long it should last, the answer is 5 years & 5 months.

Udyapan has broken the fast. Both sexes are welcome to try this fast. The fast is voluntary for men but required for women. The Jain community believes that this fast will help them achieve unique outcomes and free themselves from the chains of karma.

How to Perform the Rohini Vrat Puja

On this day, it is important to properly clean the house after rising at the Brahma Muhurta. Afterwards, after finishing up any remaining chores for the day, one should take a relaxing bath and tidy up the house before going to bed.

  • Fast for the duration of your vow after a bath meditation with Gangajal water.
  • Perform Aamchan to cleanse your soul.
  • Start by giving the Sun God some water. During this time of fasting in Jainism, eating dinner is strictly forbidden. When possible, consume fruits before sundown.
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How the Vrat is Observed

The Rohini Vrat is typically observed for three, five, or seven years; fasting for 5 years and 5 months is advised, and the vrat should conclude with Udyapana. In the morning of Rohini vrat, ladies bathe and then worship the Jain God Vasupujya by placing an idol or picture of him in their home.

The next step is an elaborate puja, during which the idol is washed with holy water and offered prasad. Upon completion of the prayer, the women start the fast that will endure till Mrigashirsha Nakshatra rises in the sky.

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What is The Purpose of Rohini Vrat

It is believed that those who observe the Rohini vrat would be blessed with financial success, personal fulfilment, domestic tranquillity, and long life for their husbands. Worshippers of Rohini on this day were shielded from financial hardship, emotional anguish, and any other disturbances to the peace. According to popular belief, peace and tranquillity can be restored to the home if the ladies in it practice this vrat with all their heart.

The Rohini Vrat's Importance

A fast on Rohini Nakshatra is tremendously helpful for the whole family, not just those who are fasting. People believe that by fasting on this day, they will be blessed with success and happiness and that their families will remain strong. Wives worldwide keep fast to ensure their husbands live long and healthy lives.

To maintain harmony and serenity at home, many women in Jain families observe the fast. Female members of the Jain community are expected to observe the Rohini fast as a religious ceremony. Yet, this is not an inflexible regulation, and the fast must be observed only out of one's own volition and not coercion. It is also advised that the fast not be kept by the fragile but rather by people in good health on all fronts.

Roshi Vrat: A Brief Overview Twenty-three saints preceded Lord Mahavir, the revered founder of Jainism. They were revered as Dharma instructors and leaders, and their followers nicknamed them "Tirthankaras" (righteous path). All these holy monks, following in the footsteps of Lord Mahavir, led austere lifestyles and engaged in deep spiritual meditation. Nonviolence is central to the Jain philosophy, and its followers have long promoted it. Lord Mahavir also heavily promoted separating oneself from one's physical body and rising to a higher spiritual level. Self-realization is the ultimate objective of human life, and those who follow these guidelines will increase their chances of reaching that state.

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What is the importance of this vrat in the Jain religion?

The Jain religion stresses the importance of spirituality and a life of total renunciation from material pursuits. However, strict adherence to these ideas is not required, and normal family life is quite permissible. One might continue to live a life of faith and devotion by following the precepts of Jain culture and avoiding excessive indulgence.

Activities during Rohini Vrat Before beginning the rituals and Pujas associated with Rohini Vrat, the family's women traditionally rise early for a ritual bath. They then congregate around the statue of the Jain deity Vasupujya that has been placed on the Puja altar. After the holy statue has been washed, an elaborate Puja is performed, during which time various objects are offered to the deity. While performing the Puja, the Women fast. From sunrise until the appearance of the star Mirgashirsha Nakshatra, a fast is observed throughout the day. It is customary to fast for three, five, or seven years when practising the Rohini religion. Finally, the Rohini fast must be broken by the observance of Udyapana.

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How Does Fasting Work

On this happy day, ladies are free to rise and shine. They like to get up early and take a shower before work. Then they perform all the necessary rituals to worship God. Lord Vasupujya receives our undivided devotion during the Rohini Vrat. Setting up an image of the Lord Vaasupujya's Pancharatna is the first step in the worship process. Golden, Tamar, or Pancharatna statues would all be appropriate. To ensure the success of this pooja, it is essential to adhere to several critical guidelines. God is given offerings of clothing, fruit, and flowers on this day.

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FAQs about Rohini Vrat Festival

Q.What is Rohini VRAT in Jain?
The individual and their loved ones can all benefit spiritually from fasting at this time.
Q.How to celebrate Rohini Vrat?
People fasting on this day must clean their homes and bathe in water from the Ganges.
Q.Why is it called Rohini Vrat?
The name "Rohini Vrat" comes from the fact that it is traditionally done during the Rohini Nakshatra. It occurs once a month for 27 days.
Q.When Does Rohini Vrat/Fast Fall
Every month, and sometimes twice a month, the Rohini fast arrives. The Jain faith places special significance on this fast.
Q.Learn the times of Rohini Vrat
There are 27 constellations, and this fast is associated with the constellation Rohini.