Pradosh Vrat Festival India 2023

  • TypeType:Religious
  • Dates:24-Dec-2023
  • Location:Madhya Pradesh


Overview of Pradosh

Pradosh vrat comes every 13th day of the month; the 13th day, according to the Hindu calendar, is known as Trayodashi, on which the Pradosh vrat is performed by Hindus. Hindu devotees worship Lord Shiva on this day to gain their blessings. This period of Pradosh vrat is very good as Lord Shiva sprinkles their blessings on their devotees.

On the stay, devotees worship Lord Shiva with bael leaves and intense sandals; Abhishekand, most of the devotees also here Rudraksha and Vibhuti to complete the rituals with full dedication.

Observing this, Pradosh Vrat is to get relief from the torments. It is a very beneficial day for removing all the negative things from the past by worshipping Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Devotees must worship at home as well as in temples also. They also worship Nandi the bull on this auspicious day in the shiv temple. Every age kind of people can do this vrat.

According to Hindu Bible, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati feel charmed, happy, and liberal on the Trayodashi. This vrat can be done by anyone disregarding age, gender, etc.

It is found that the vrat is performed in two different ways. Such as:-

  • Firstly, devotees fast during the daytime and can have breakfast t night.
  • Secondly, this fast is performed for 24 hours, which means for a whole day, which is broken the next day. This is a very strict vrat.
  • Some important Vrat Tithi, Puja Tithi, and Time 2022

    Date and Month Puja Tithi Time Great Start Time and Date
    21st November 5:59 PM to 8:33 PM2 10:07 AM, Nov 21
    5th December 6:00 PM to 8:36 PM 5:57 Am, Dec 05
    21st December 6:06 PM to 8:42 PM 12:47 AM, Dec 21

    Pradosh Vrat Katha

    There are different kinds of Vrat Katha of pradosh depending on the different types of pradosh. Once there was the God of heaven, named Chandra Dev, known as the ruler of the planet of the Moon. He endured a pathetic disease due to his condemnation which was given to him.

    He did several things to get forgiveness from God; he also worshipped Lord Shiva. He also offered Pradosh Vrat with full determination and dedication then Lord Shiva gave him their divine and released him from his pathetic disease on the day of trayodashi after being delighted by his prayers. So from that day, this day is considered the Trayodashi Pradosh, and many Hindu devotees do the Triyodashi Pradosh Vrat on this day. This is another story of Pradosh Vrat, related to an old Brahmin lady who is a widow living with her sons in a very small town named Mangalia. Once she was returning to her home after collecting charity, then on her way, she found a young Prince of Vidarbha, who was injured on the riverside. Provided him shelter and took care of him. The enemy attacked the Prince's Kingdom then he hunted his Kingdom. Then the Prince started living with the old widow and their sons. They observe Pradosh Vrat regularly on the advice of pundits, forgetting the grace of Lord Shiva. Later, the Prince met with the Gandharva, who got interested in him, and they both married with their consent. After marrying the Gandharva, he fought with the enemies with the help of the Gandharva army / his in-law's army and got the victory in this fight and got back his Kingdom. Then the Prince recognizes the old widow with residence in the royal palace as she has saved his life when needed help. He also posted his son to a prime ministerial post in his Kingdom.

    These are the vrat Katha of Pradosh through which the devotees get the divine of Lord shiva. They usually sprinkle their blessing on us in the form of success, prosperity, growth and enhancement of work, fulfilling the desires, and liberating the person who has done wrong acts, sins, borrowings, and many other wrong things.

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    Rituals of pradosh Vrat

    For offering the pradosh vrat, devotees must follow the rituals of breath with full dedication and determination so that there is a sev the blessings of Lord Shiva. These rituals are as follows:-

    • Dirty photos are offered Vrat in the trayodashi, and they should have to get up early in the morning and have a bath; they should wear clean clothes also.
    • Then they should place a fetish of Lord shiva parivaar, including Lord Shiva goddess Parvati and Lord Ganesha and Skanda.
    • Worship Lord Shiva Parivar and offer the favourite flowers and sweets of the Lord shiva and goddess Parvati. The Flowers must be mogra flowers, Lord Siva's and goddess Parvati's favourite flowers.
    • Devotees must also light the Diya in front of the fetish of Lord Shiva Parivar.
    • Devotees must also read Shiv Chalisa pradosh Vrat Katha and Lord Shiva Aarti.
    • They must also go to the temple to worship Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati.
    • Most devotees worship Lord Shiva with panchamrit, which includes curd, milk, sugar, honey, and ghee.
    • Devotees must also offer Bel Patra to Lord Shiva.
    • While worshipping Lord Shiva, the Hindus also chant OM NAMAH SHIVAYA.
    • Devotees chant this 108 times to get the blessing from Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati on the auspicious day of pradosh Vrat.
    • After offering an operation to Lord shiva and goddess Parvati, the devotees can break their fast by having a meal without onion and garlic.
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    Significance of Pradosh Vrat

    Pradosh Vrat is offered to Hindu people for worshipping Lord Shiva and getting their divine. On this day, devotees worship Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Lord Ganesha, Kartikeya, and Nandini.

    On this day, people offer Pradosh vrat to get relief from their misleading, wrongdoings, sins, and torments.

    Some people also do rats and worship Lord Shiva for having sprinkles of Lord Shiva's blessings through which they can fulfil their dreams or desires.

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    Beginning of Pradosh Vrat

    Pradosh fast can be started in the early morning after having a bath.

    Pradosh vrat can be observed in the morning, and after worshipping Lord Shiva in the evening and distributing food and donations to the poor people, the devotees can break their vrat

    This vrat is performed in another different way, and this is a strict vrat in which the vrat is observed for the whole for 24 hours and should not eat and drink anything. This vrat will be broken on the next day of trayodashi.

    Mahamrityunjay Mantra

    Om Tryambakam Yajamahe
    Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam
    Urvarukamiva Bandhanan
    Mrityor Mukshiya Maamritat

    Different types of Pradosh Vrats

    1. Ravi Pradosh
    2. Som Pradosh
    3. Baum Pradosh
    4. Saumyavara Pradosh
    5. Bhruguwara Pradosh
    6. Shani Pradosh

    Ravi Pradosh:- Ravi Pradosh is also known as Bhanu Pradosh. The Pradosh Vrat falls in the month on Sunday. There are two active planets on this day: the Moon and the sun. Performing Pradosh Vrat on this day with rituals brings good health, prosperity, respect, and power to the devotees.

    Som Pradosh:- Som Pradosh is basically on Monday of the month. This vrat is helpful for those suffering from the planet Moon's balefulness because this vrat is united with this planet. By observing this vrat, the devotees will get the power to fulfil their desires, bringing peace to mind, relaxation, etc.

    Baum Pradosh:- Baum Pradosh arises when the Trayodashi date comes on the Tuesday of the month. This Pradosh Vrat is related to the planet of Mars, and through this vrat, the people suffering from the sins of Mars planet can get relief from their sufferings. This Pradosh Vrat also eliminates the conflicts, problems, and issues related to health and irresponsibility.

    Saumyavara Pradosh:- when the Pradosh vrat is on the Wednesday of any month, it is considered the Saumyavara Pradosh. This Pradosh vrat is offered by those devotees who wish to fulfil their dreams, who want happiness in their lives, good ranks in studies, growth, and development, etc.

    Guruvara Pradosh:- This Pradosh vrat comes on Thursday, and this Pradosh vrat is related o Jupiter planet. The benefits the observer gets after performing the vrat rituals are:- success in every field, good health, growth, expansion, etc.

    Bhuruguwara Pradosh:- Bhuruguwara Pradosh vrat is on the Friday of the month. This vrat is related to the Venus planet. This pradosh vrat tithi is very auspicious for marriage as this day gives luck, blessings, and love in the life of the couples.

    Shani Pradosh:- Shani Pradosh is always on Saturday of any month. This day is dedicated to Lord Shani Dev, which is why its name is Shani Pradosh. This Pradosh vrat is related to the planet Saturn. People facing misery and pain during the Shani period should get liberty from their sins by observing the Shani Pradosh vrat. This would also help the devotees maintain balance in life and enhance their careers.

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    FAQs about Pradosh VratFestival

    Q.When will the Pradosh Vrat be celebrated?
    The Pradosh Vrat will be celebrated on 3rd of december and 13th of month of Hindu Calendar.
    Q.Which God and goddess worships on the Pradosh Vrat?
    The God and goddess of Pradosh Vrat are lord shiva and Parvati.
    Q.Why does Pradosh Vrat festival celebrate?
    Pradosh Vrat festival celebrates to maintain balance in their life.
    Q.Is there fasting during Pradosh Vrat festival?
    Yes, people fasts during day time and eats at night time.