Dhanu Sankranti FESTIVAL India 2023

  • TypeType:Religious
  • Dates:16-Dec-2023
  • Location:Orissa, India


When the Sun moves from one zodiac to the next as it circles the sky, a phenomenon known as Sankranti occurs, Dhanu is the ninth of the solar year's twelve months and the ninth Sankranti. The Hindu celebration of Dhanu Sankranti occurs when the Sun (Surya Dev) moves into the astrological sign of Sagittarius (Dhanu Rashi).

As the first day of the lunar Pousha month, Dhanu Sankranti is considered a very lucky day in Hindu mythology.

It is observed with great jubilation in the state of Odisha. On this day, devotees perform a ritual in honor of Lord Jagannath.

when celebrating this Dhanu Sankranti

Pusha is the time of plenty in Odisha. A festival is held to honor the hard work and success of the harvest. Dhanu Muan, a sweetened rice flake treat, is also presented to Lord Jagannath during worship.

The month-long observance culminates in Makar Sankranti. They don't get married, get engaged, have housewarming ceremonies, or buy new furniture during this time. They choose to participate in kirtans and make a pilgrimage instead.

Dhanu Muan

Puffed rice (known as Khai/ lia in Odia), cashew nuts, ghee, cardamom (elichi), cinnamon (dalchini), and sugar come together to form a dry, delectable dessert. Those Nutri-grain snacks are an accurate analog for consistency.

Phili Bhog

On Dhanu Sankranti, devotees flock to the Jagannath Temple in Puri to participate in the 'Pahili Bhog' served to the divine siblings. This gift would be given for a full calendar month until Makar Sankranti.

The 'bhog' for the deities is traditionally cooked by the mother of the deities during this month, when Mahalakshmi, Lord Jagannath's consort, pays a visit to her father's abode.

Every day from Dhanu Sankranti to Makar Sankranti, she bakes delicious cakes with cheese, grams, and other sweetmeats.

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Dhanu Jatra

During this time, the city of Bargarh also hosts the internationally renowned Dhanu Jatra.

Bargarh town transforms into Dwapar Yug's Mathura for the 11-day festival. In the world's largest open-air theatre, visitors can watch performances based on stories from Krishna's life.

One episode centers on Krishna's trip to Mathura to watch the "Bow ceremonial" planned by Kansa. So that he can murder Krishna and Balaram, he invites them to Dhanu Yatra.

Scenes spanning the beginning of Lord Krishna's life through his defeat of the demon king's army are enacted in this annual event.

Since good ultimately triumphs over evil, Dhanu Yatra is held to mark the occasion. When you cross Jeera, which stands in for the Yamuna, you'll arrive in the town of Gopalpur, where Krishna spent his formative years.

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Importance of Dhanu Sankranti

Dhanu Sankranti, as noted above, ushers in the ninth month of the Hindu Solar calendar. There's also a lot of weight to it for the people of Odisha. Both the Sun God and Lord Jagannath are honored on this day. Blog, or offerings of sweets and other delicacies, are made to the gods during special pujas done in honor of Lord Jagannath.

On the sixth day of the Pausha period, an annual event titled Dhanu Yatra starts in the Baragarh town situated along the banks of river Jira (a part of the Godavari river) in Odisha, where iconic scenes from the life of Shri Krishna are reproduced. As part of the celebration, the city is renamed Mathura (Krishna Janmabhoomi, or the birthplace of Shri Krishna), the river Jira is rechristened the Yamuna, and the surrounding towns are transformed into Gokul and Vrindavan (places where the Lord spent his early days). The yearly celebration kicks off on the 6th day (Sashti Tithi) of the month of Pusha, Shukla Paksha. It concludes on the Full Moon day (Purnima Tithi) of the same month, as the traditional calendar indicates. Several iconic books from the Bhagavata Purana are retold in street plays during the event.

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Daily Routines

On this day, Lord Jagannath is worshiped in many areas of India, especially in Odisha. Devotees commence the celebration of Dhanu Jatra from the sixth day of Pousha month in Shukla Paksha and maintain it until Purnima of the Pousha month, which depicts in a street drama and holds as specified in the Bhagwad Purana.

People travel around to witness this and offer prayers to their Creator. On this day, a special prasad consisting of spherical, sweetened rice flakes is prepared to serve God during the puja ritual.

This day is considered satisfactory to offer donations (Daana-Dhyana) and do ancestral pujas.

One should also perform sankraman Japa, take a holy water bath, and offer Pitru-Tarpana (ablations) to the ancestors in addition to daan activities.

The Star that Never Sets, the Sun Just after sunrise, worshippers bring offerings of water and flowers to God. Women devotees, in particular, fast on this day to receive Lord Sun's blessings, which they believe will bring them success and prosperity.

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Dhanu Sankranti is a festival observed in Indian mythology.

It is also known as Dhanu Sankraman. The celebration of this festival occurs when the Sun crosses over to the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Dhanu Rashi is another name for Sagittarius in Indian mythology. Twelve times in a Hindu calendar year, the Sun moves into a new zodiac sign. Sankranti is the term for this phenomenon. The Sankratis are the twelve months that make up a Hindu calendar year.

Avoid These Traps on Dhanu Sankranti

Any auspicious work should be avoided on this exact day. The Sagittarius sign is regarded to be the sign of success and fortune. In this scenario, if the marriage takes place, a person would stay devoid of emotional and physical pleasures since the Sun enters the Sagittarius sign during this time. Hence, this is not considered favorable for gaining serenity and wealth.

Avoid embarking on a new business or any new work during Dhanu Kharma. It is said so because some financial issues are anticipated to develop. Any additional work is delayed, which could result in a rise in outstanding balances.

Wait to start building dwellings after this weather pattern has passed. Don't make any hasty decisions about buying or selling real estate. In addition to the potential for work to stall amid investment, several other potential hiccups could arise. It is widely agreed that homes built during this era do not bring their inhabitants joy.

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FAQs about Dhanu Sankranti

Q.Is Dhanu Sankranti auspicious?
According to Hindu mythology, Dhanu Sankranti (also known as Dhanu Sankraman) is a very happy and prosperous day.
Q.Why is Dhanu Sankranti celebrated?
For those who follow the Vaishnava religion, this marks the beginning of the joyous Dhanu mas festival.
Q.What should we do on Dhanu Sankranti?
The act of washing oneself in a sacred body of water (a Ghat, Sarovar, or river).
Q.Who celebrates Dhanu Sankranti?
Mainly people in the Indian state of Orissa celebrate this event.