• TypeType: Cultural
  • Dates: 05-Jan-2023 to 06-Jan-2023
  • Location:Bundi, Rajasthan


The Bundi festival is celebrated in the Hindu month of Kartik i.e, October-November. It includes numerous traditional, cultural as well as spiritual activities. It is the gathering of cultures, traditions, arts and craftsmanship. This festival has a lot of things to witness such as the Shobha yatra, arts and crafts fair, ethnic sports, exhibitions, music and dance programs, turban competition, bridal clothing, etc. Bundi historical and cultural monuments are quite famous, as there are various stories based on it.

This Bundi festival is popular for its richness to the fullest. People from all over the globe come to Bundi to enjoy the festive season.

History of Bundi

The ancient Bundi was the native place of the Parihar Meena tribe of Rajasthan and was named after Raja Bunda Singh Meena. 'Bunda-Ka-Nal' translating to 'narrow ways' was the ancient name of this town. Later Bundi was captured by Britishers till India's independence. The festival in question celebrates this rich historical and cultural diversity that the place has witnessed over the decades.Bundi is the home to the finest architectural specimens such as palaces, stepped wells, and temples. Bundi, also known as ‘Rajasthan's Choti Kashi’ for its numerous Hindu temples.

About Bundi Festival

The Bundi festival is all about celebrating the cultures and traditions in a unique way. This festival is celebrated with the joy of happiness. During this, a small town gets enlightened with colours and talent. The handicrafts made by household indulges in Rajasthan are being sold in stalls of Bundi festival. The entire ethnicity of Rajasthan can be witnessed in the three(3)-days Bundi festival. There are various programs which are organised for tourists such as arts & crafts fair,

classical music & dance program, cultural exhibition, musical band competitions, ethnic sports, bridal clothing, turban competitions, as well as a sparkling fireworks display. All this in just 2-3 days means that this event will go on day and night.

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Celebrations of Bundi Festival

The festival is organised by the Rajasthan State Tourism Department. The Bundi festival of Rajasthan includes a Shobha Yatra or procession, ethnic sports, cultural programs, folk dances, and bridal attire competitions. Sparkling fireworks display is the highlight of the evening. The town is adorned in such a way that it attracts every eye. The 2-3 days of the Bundi festival are meant for living life happily without thinking about tomorrow.

Bundi Festival Dates

The Bundi festival is celebrated in the Hindu month of Kartik i.e, October-November. For the year 2022, the date of the Bundi festival has been declared to be 11th November 2022 - 13th November, 2022.

Events at Bundi Festival

Folk music and dance, Various sports competitions, Traditional crafts of the region, Deepdan Ceremony,

Bundi Attractions

The Tahalgarh fort in Bundi is the most famous attraction point. The fort is built on a hilltop and is covered with trees and gives the tourists the view of the entire town below. Bundi Palace is another site of attraction. This is also built on a hill. The architecture of Bundi Palace portrays the authentic and ancient Rajputana style. Raniji ki Bouri, the famous stepwell in Bundi is another site of attraction. It was built in the 17th century by Princess Rani Nathavatji. It is about 46 metres deep and has a tall, arched gate and incredibly carved pillars.

Places to Visit in Bundi

Bundi Palace, Garh Palace, Moti Palace, Sukh Palace, Chitrashala Palace, 84 Pillared Cenotaph Palace, Badal Mahal Palace, Shikar Bhuj Palace, Taragarh Fort Palace, Sadar Bazaar Palace, Hathi Pol Palace, Lake Jait Sagar Palace,

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FAQs about Bundi festival Rajasthan

Q.In which month is the Bundi festival celebrated?
In the month of November (Kartik), the Bundi festival is celebrated.
Q.Where is the Bundi festival celebrated ?
The Bundi festival is celebrated in the Hatodi district of Rajasthan.
Q.What are the unique things about the Bundi festival?
It is a remarkable cluster of traditional art, culture and craftsmanship.
Q.Which type of festival is this?
The Bundi festival is a cultural as well as spiritual festival.