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Yercaud Tour Packages

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Perched in the Shevaroy Hills in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, Yercaud is a less-explored, unspoiled hill station to visit all year long. Blessed with rich natural bounties, wildlife, rare Kularinji Flowers, and over 200 species of orchids, Yercaud wins over heart-seeking quiet time away from the bustling city. It is also a major producer of coffee, oranges, jackfruit, guava, cardamom, and black pepper. Book your Yercaud Tour Package with Safar Mentor and grab the chance to attend the most-awaited Summer Festival of Yercaud, offering refreshing, verdant sights to behold in the heat of May.

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Best Time to Visit Yercaud

Yercaud in Summer- The summer season in Yercaud starts from March to June. The mild warm temperature remains between 23 C to 28 C, making it the perfect time for sightseeing and adventurous activities. It is during this season the place organizes the famous Yercaud Summer Festivals that attract thousands of visitors every year from all around the globe.

Yercaud in Monsoon-The monsoon season commences from July till September in Yercaud with hot and humid weather. Though not for trekking and camping at times, it is the best time to witness the lush green coffee plantations and go sightseeing in famous places.

Yercaud in Winter-The winter season is the best time to visit Yercaud from November to February when the weather remains pleasant with temperatures up to 15 C. The place makes for a perfect romantic destination to visit in Tamil Nadu and witness the ethereal surroundings.

How to Reach Yercaud

By Air- The nearest is the Salem and Trichy Airport located about 38 km and 168 km away from Yercaud, respectively. Take a direct taxi or cab to reach your destination from the airport or take a direct bus for Yercaud from the Trichy or Salem bus stand.

By Train-The closest railway stations are the Danishpet Railway Station and Salem Railway Station located about 44 km and 105 km from Yercaud, respectively.

By Road-Many state transport buses are available from Salem, Trichy, and Danishpet. You can also embark on a self-drive road trip by taking the scenic 32 km Loop Road.

Major Tourist Attractions in Yercaud

  • Yercaud Lake- Also known as Emerald lake, this is a popular tourist attraction in Yercaud for a fun family outing. Enjoy a peaceful boat ride with your partner amid the beautiful misty mountains and lush greenery.
  • Deer Park- Located on the banks of the Emerald Lake, Deer Park is a beautiful place to visit in Yercaud for nature and wildlife lovers. Spot the distinct species of deer, peacocks, pigeons, rabbits, ducks, and many others.
  • Anna Park- It is a top tourist attraction in Yercaud visited by a large number of travelers and locals every day. The place offers picnic spaces, a kid’s play area, a glistening clean lake, and rich varieties of flora, which are best to witness in the Flowers Shows organized during summers.
  • Pagoda Point- It is one of the most beautiful and revered places in Yercaud. Famously known as a Pyramid point among residents, the structure is settled on four pillars looking like a pyramid and houses a Lord Rama temple between the stack of stones.
  • Orchidarium- Stretched across 18 hectares of area, the National Orchidarium is an offbeat place to visit in Yercaud. It is home to over 200 species of orchids, a very rare plant- Neelakurinji, which blooms once every 12 years, and insect-eating pitcher plants.
  • Kiliyur Falls- It is a popular place among trekkers and travelers located 4 km in Servarayan Hill in Yercaud. Trek for 2 km from Kiliyur Valley to reach the waterfalls between 8 am to 6 pm every day.
  • Lady’s Seat- It is one of the most scenic sights in Yercaud, offering incredible panoramic views from the rock of Shevaroy Hills overlooking Salem town. sunrise and sunset views, lush green mountains, and fainted waterfalls.
  • Dolphin’s Nose- It is a must-visit place in Yercaud for every nature enthusiast where you will witness numerous rare migratory birds and a plethora of flora. Enjoy the panoramic beauty of Nilgiris Hills and avid greenery.
  • Catherine Waterfall- It is an offbeat destination in Yercaud for tourists to visit any time of the year. It is the second-highest waterfall in the Nilgiris Mountains and is a popular hideout for backpackers for being secluded, offering unspoiled natural beauty and hundreds of years old ancestral homes.

Thrilling Activities to do in Yercaud

  • Trekking and camping- Embark on a thrilling trekking activity to Dolphin’s Nose, Hidden Valley, Ketty Valley, Law’s Fall, and many other beautiful offbeat destinations.
  • Water Sports- Water Sports are fun and exciting adventure things to do in Yercaud to make your trip memorable like swimming in Catherine Falls, boating in Ooty Lake, and much more.
  • Stroll in Tea Estate- It is one of the most fun and famous activities to do in Yercaud for every type of traveler. Walk the fragrant tea gardens and estates and witness the different varieties of tea in Highfield Tea Estate. The place is also famous for homemade chocolate, skin care products, organic oils, and so on.
  • Historic Tour- Doorg Fort is a popular tourist attraction, especially among history buffs. Once a famous retreat of Tipu Sultan it now tells the rich history and past Yercaud and great sagas of the braves. Birdwatching is the famous thing here to indulge in for nature lovers.
  • Road Trip- Embark on a scenic road trip to one of the most beautiful places in Yercaud, Lamb’s Rock. Cherish the splendid views of lush green valley and fainted waterfalls when enjoying a slow drive through the winding lanes.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How much will it cost me for Yercaud Holiday Packages?
Our Yercaud Holiday Packages are customizable to meet your preferences and comfort. To get an estimated idea of a budget, contact our travel experts at Safar Mentor and get all the information and get your queries answered instantly.
Q.How many days are enough to explore Yercaud?
One can explore many famous places in Yercaud in around 5-6 days to explore the coffee & tea farming, centuries-old temples & forts, and several famous waterfalls. If time allows, you can indulge in the adventure activities such as trekking, camping, wildlife tour, river rafting, quad biking, rock climbing, valley farming, etc.
Q.Are there any shopping places in Yercaud?
Yercaud is famous for its rich tree species and coffee plantations. One can shop for Nilgiri Tea, silk clothing, organic oils, spices, homemade wines and chocolates, and elegant home decor items at Yercaud Green Shop, Tulsi Mall, Tibetan Market, Upper Bazaar Road, and so on.
Q.Is Yercaud safe for traveling with kids?
Yes, Yercaud is extremely safe either traveling with kids or solo as the place hosts hundreds of thousands of travelers every year from all around the world. Just make sure to keep your belongings safe and avoid strolling on unknown trails alone at night.
Q.Which is the best way to reach Yercaud?
To save time and make the most out of your trip, the convenient way to travel to Yercaud is by air. The closest airport is Coimbatore International Airport located about 90 km from Yercaud. Either hire a private taxi or catch a bus to reach your destination from the airport.