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Airlines Flight Status

Keeping track of the status of a scheduled flight has never been easier since the airlines have gone digitally active. Avail of the airlines' Flight Status facility at your fingertips to be up-to-date about the current-time information on their respective airline's flight booking status like flight departure/arrival airport change, canceled/rescheduled flight time and date, in-air flight status, and more. Just log into your account with the specific airline’s website and fill in the PNR number along with the mandatory information asked.

You can get the flight status for all domestic and international flights operating to and from India including Air India, JetAirways, SpiceJet, IndiGo, Air Asia, Vistara, and Go First Airlines. The flights may encounter some irresistible conditions like bad weather, air travel traffic, or a technical error, causing delays or cancellations. And you get all these updates on your mobile phone and preferred airline’s website.

Checking your flight’s status online also tells you if your ticket is confirmed or on a waiting list, baggage check-in allowance, and more. Want a smoother travel experience from your comfort? Through a website or an airline’s mobile app, you can avail of the facilities like booking your ticket, online flight check-in, selecting your preferred seat, and the meal just by tapping and filling in necessary personal and booking details with a lot of time to save in your hands to finish the errands before leaving for your destination.

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Domestic Airlines Flight Status

Frequently Asked Questions about Flight Status

Q.How can I check my flight status?

Save your time and check your airline flight PNR Status in just a few clicks. Follow the below instructions for an unhindered online travel experience.

- Visit the respective official airline’s website and log into your account.

- Go to the ‘Flight Status’ tab on the website homepage.

- Enter the necessary details like PNR number, flight number, arrival and departure city, and date.

- Now, click the ‘Search Flight’ button and all current-time flight information will be displayed on your screen.

Q.Where can I inquire if I cannot check the flight status on the website?

If you’re not able to check your flight status online and repeatedly get an error message of no updates available, you will have to directly get in contact with the airline through their chat window, or email, or simply call our travel experts at Safar Mentor for instant assistance.

Q.Will I be informed in advance about my flight delays and cancellation?

Yes. In case, if a flight is getting delayed, canceled, or any other changes from its scheduled timings and place, the airline takes complete responsibility for each of its passengers and notifies them about the updates on their registered email address and mobile phone number.

Q.What information do we get from the ‘Flight Status?

You will get real-time information about flight delayed time, departure and arrival city, meals, in-air travel time, arrival/departure terminal gate, and the latest COVID-19 travel updates. Getting all these updates under your Airline Flight Status Check on the website or a mobile app is now a lot more convenient and relevant to its every update.

Q.Do airlines offer web check-in and seat selection facilities?

Yes. Every Airline offers an online seat selection option for every passenger with confirmed tickets. Visit the airline’s official website, and select the web check-in under the ‘Manage Your Booking’ tab. Fill in your details and click on ‘View Seat Map’, and select your choice of seat as per the availability. Before hitting ‘Confirm’ on booking, you can also check in your baggage online (if any) to save time reaching the airport too early.