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Wayanad Tour Packages

Blessed with abundant flora, pleasant weather, and stretched backwaters, Wayanad is the perfect tourist destination in Kerala for a peaceful vacation. Explore the alluring surroundings and heritage sites with our affordable Wayanad Holiday Packages curated to meet your travel needs without hassle. Our travel experts at Safar Mentor thrive to provide you with exceptional and timely services and ensure your vacation is the best and most remembered one in Kerala.

Famous for its tea and coffee estates, rubber plantation, and spices vegetation, Wayanad is making its way to be a top sought-after holiday destination in Kerala boasting a unique haven of cascading waterfalls and lush green hills. With the tranquil surroundings of cloud-covered valleys, exotic wildlife, rich flora, and mystic woods, the place attracts thousands of travelers and lures them to attend the most important festivals in Wayanad - Mahashivratri in March, Karthigai- the only light festival in Malayali homes, Lord Vishnu’s festival Thirunelli in April, Ashtami Rohini to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna in August. Attend Easter, Christmas, and New Year in Wayanad and witness the most happening nightlife of this quaint hill station.

If you’re someone with a love for nature and looking for peaceful and blatant surroundings, then our budgeted and tailored Wayanad Tour Packages are the right choice for you! Our affordable Wayanad Itinerary packages are ideal for family, friends, couples, solo, and group trips and are customizable to your needs and ensure your comfort and convenience even after your trip ends. So, don’t delay and book your tour package with Safar Mentor today!

Best Time to Visit Wayanad

Wayanad in Summer- The summer season in Wayanad starts from March to June. The temperature goes up to 35 C on scorching hot days. Avoid the afternoons, and enjoy sightseeing and outdoor fun during early mornings and evenings. It is this time of year that the town celebrates summer festivals- Mahashivratri in March and Thirunelli in April.

Wayanad in Monsoon-The monsoon season start from July to September in Wayanad with an average amount of rainfall, offering magical verdant green vistas and gushing backwaters. The town celebrates one of the major religious festivals- Ashtami Rohini in August to celebrate the bird of Lord Krishna.

Wayanad in Winter-The winter season is the best and peak time to visit the southern region of India. From October to March, the temperature remains between 10 C to 23 C with mild sunshine and breezy weather perfect for sightseeing, bird-watching, trekking, and wildlife safari. Given the major Christian community in the town, Easter, Christmas, and New Year are celebrated here with grand festivities.

How to Reach Wayanad

By Air- The nearest airport is Calicut International Airport, also known as Kozhikode Airport, which is located about 93 km away from Wayanad. You can a direct flight from many major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Pune. Upon reaching your destination airport, hire a cab or taxi to reach Wayanad further.

By Train-The biggest railway station is in Kozhikode well-connected with many big cities, which is located at a distance of 110 km from Wayanad, and the closest is Nilambur Railway Station in Kerala located about 90 km from Wayanad.

By Road-Wayanad is well-connected via NH 17 with several major cities of South India including Bangalore, Coimbatore, and Kozhikode. You can easily find a direct bus to Kozhikode from Delhi and Mumbai and hire a cab or catch a local to reach your destination.

Major Tourist Attractions in Wayanad

  • Banasura Hills- A part of the Western Ghats, it is one of the tallest mountains in Wayanad situated at a height of about 2000 meters, boasting rich diverse flora and fauna. The place is perfect for trekking and hikes and nature walks.
  • Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary- It is the second largest wildlife sanctuary in Kerala and is home to many endangered and rare species of wildlife and flora. Covering a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, it is comprised of 2 main sections- Muthanga and Tholetty where you can go on an exciting wildlife safari.
  • Chembra Peak- It is the top attraction among tourists in Wayanad famous for its lush greenery and panoramic views of rolling hills. It is the second largest peak in the Wayanad Hill range and houses a heart-shaped lake at its core offering breathtaking surroundings for a rejuvenating trek.
  • Edakkal Caves- If you’re an avid history buff, then this is the perfect place for you! The beautiful wall carving and rock formations depict life from the Neolithic Age dating back to 1000 BC. You would have to trek for about 30 minutes to reach the cave, then another 45 minutes to reach the cave’s mouth .
  • Soochipara Falls- A cascading three-tier waterfall is truly the most beautiful place to visit in Wayanad located about 23 km from the main city. Spot the rich flora and fauna and lush tea estates and dive into the clean pool. The place also offers a rock climbing thrilling sport for adventure lovers.
  • Kuruva Island- Surrounded by the Kabini river, it is one of the most romantic destinations in Wayanad popular for its spectacular scenery of dense forest and fresh water. The place offers serene surroundings perfect for boat rides and bamboo rafting with your loved ones.
  • Vythiri- Known for its spice vegetation and ancient tribal communities, this quaint small town in Wayanad is a famous place for adventure and nature lovers. The place is recorded as the world’s second-highest rainfall region situated at the height of 700m, and hence a colder region of Wayanad. You can go on a trek to Lakkidi top, kayaking on the Pookot Lake, and more.
  • Sulthan Bathery- Once an important strategic region is now the largest town in Wayanad. It is the most sought-after place here to visit and indulge in many breathtaking activities like pre-historic cave exploration, jungle treks, and several glistening streams and rivers and verdant greenery.
  • Thirunelli Temple- Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, one of the three main Hindu deities, it is an ancient temple and an important pilgrimage site in Wayanad. It is believed that Lord Brahma performed the prathishta of Lord Vishnu under an Amla Tree. It is one of the oldest sanctuaries in Kerala and is a salvation door for all souls, living and dead, and after death, hence also known as ‘Kashi of the South’ .
  • Meenmutty Waterfalls- It is recognized as the second-largest waterfalls in Kerala and attracts thousands of travelers to its abundant natural beauty and various adventure activities like rock climbing. Away from life’s everyday bustling, this is the most stable place to enjoy soaking in nature completely.

Thrilling Activities to do in Wayanad

  • Trekking & Camping- Go on a rejuvenating adventure on a trek to Chembra Peak, Meenmutty waterfalls, and Sulthan Bathery, surrounded by the lush greenery and natural streams, lakes, and river. Spend a night close to nature camping at Kanthanpara Waterfalls.
  • Ziplining- you don’t want to miss the fun of crossing valleys when dangling into the air with a safety harness. Ziplining at Karlad lake brings out the best and more daring personality in you and fills you with positive adrenaline.
  • Paragliding- Cherish the breathtaking bird’s eye of the lush green and spectacular Vagamon Hills when paragliding high up in the sky. It is the top adventure activity to partake in Wayanad to capture the cascading waterfalls and neatly-lined forests.
  • Bamboo Rafting- Navigate your way through the pristine water of Kuruva Island and Pozhuthana river on a traditional bamboo raft. A maximum of 6 people including a rower are allowed on each raft for a smooth journey.
  • Cave Camping- It is famous sought-after activity to do in Wayanad. Experience the Stone Age living style inside the deep caves and star-gazing. Set your camp inside the Edakkal caves and get the chance to be unplugged from all worries for a night.
  • Wildlife Safari- It is a popular thing to do in Wayanad among travelers and wildlife photographers. Spot the tigers, bison, lions, deer, and many rare and endangered species of reptiles, migratory birds, and mammals at the Tholpetty and Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Wayanad Travel

Q. How much will it cost me for Wayanad Holiday Packages?
Browse through our Wayanad Holiday Packages curated with minimum expenditures, depending on the places you would visit and the number of days you would spend, and accommodation. Call Safar Mentor and get the updates on the latest deals offers on Wayanad packages.
Q. How many days are enough for Wayanad ?
Plan your trip for 4-5 days to enjoy the best out of Wayanad Itinerary packages. You can go sightseeing at famous tourist places and can indulge in several outdoor activities like kayaking, boating, rappelling, trekking, cave camping, trying local cuisines, and shopping for souvenirs.
Q. Are there any shopping places in Wayanad ?
From aromatic coffee beans, tea leaves, spices, organic essential oils, textiles, clothing, bamboo, and handicrafts items, there are several shopping spots in Wayanad best for a shopaholic to satiate the urge like Santhi Pappadam, Market Road, Easwaran Nanmboodiri, The Focus Mall, and so on.
Q. Is Wayanad safe for traveling with kids ?
Yes, Wayanad is completely safe for traveling with kids or solo too. Hundreds of travelers visit to witness nature in its full awe and stay in the pristine waterfalls and lakes, and oldest monuments every year from all around the world. For your own safety, keep your belongings safe and avoid strolling on unknown trails alone at night.
Q. Which is the best way to reach Wayanad ?
The convenient and most cost-effective way to reach Wayanad is by air. The nearest airport is the Calicut International Airport which is connected to many major cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Delhi. You will cover a distance of about 93 km from the airport to reach the city of Wayanad by taking either a cab or a local transport bus.