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Coorg Tour Packages

The misty hills, dense forests, pristine lakes and waterfalls, and lush coffee vegetation of the southern region of India with our customized Coorg Holiday Packages. Nestled in the western ghats of the state of Tamil Nadu, Coorg is also the best honeymoon destination in India.

Also known as Scotland of India, Coorg is an all-year-long destination for an ideal weekend getaway from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune. Besides the top-notch landscapes and serene environment, the place organizes several famous festivals such as Kailpodhu in September, Kaveri Sankramana in October, and the famous Puthari Harvest Festival in November-December, attracting a larger number of tourists every year to witness the culture and hospitality of Karnataka.

Make the most out of your vacations with our well-organized and inexpensive Coorg Tour Packages, customized for everyone whether family, friend groups, solo backpackers or honeymoon couples.

Best Time to Visit Coorg

Coorg in Summer- The summer season is considered to be the best time to visit Coorg when the temperature remains between 35 C to 20 C from March to May, making it more convenient to explore numerous major attractions and indulge in adventurous activities like trekking, river rafting, camping, etc.

Coorg in Monsoon-Witness the majestic beauty of Coorg in rain from July to September. It is the perfect time to visit the place and capture the blooming hills covered in a thick mist and a blanket of clouds. The monsoon season is an ideal time for photographers to capture the enchanting natural beauty of the town.

Coorg in Winter-The winter season is a pleasant cold time and a peak tourist season in Coorg from November till February when the temperature remains between 8 C to 30 C. It is also the time when the place celebrates the major harvest festival- Puthari in November or December.

How to Reach Coorg

By Air- The nearest airport is Mangalore Internation Airport about 140 km away from Coorg. It is connected to some major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai. The other closest airports are Mysore (120 km) and Bangalore International Airport (285 km).

By Train-The closest is Mysore Railway Station, about 95 km away from Coorg. You can either catch a bus or hire a private or shared cab to reach your further destination.

By Road-Coorg has a well-constructed and connected road from the main South India cities. You can catch a KSRTC bus to Coorg from Mangalore, Bangalore, and Mysore or embark on a scenic drive route of 6 hours to reach Coorg.

Major Tourist Attractions in Coorg

  • Abbey Falls- Located around 5 km from Madikeri town, Abbey falls is a popular tourist destination in Coorg. Capture the cascading waterfall emerging from the Kaveri River, making for an ethereal holiday spot.
  • Raja’s Seat- Also known as Gaddige Raja’s Tomb, it is one of the most scenic sights in Coorg, offering incredible sunrise and sunset views, lush green mountains, and fainted waterfalls.
  • Namdroling Monastery- It is the largest teaching center of Tibetan Buddhism in the world located in Bylakuppe. It is a serene place to visit in Coorg, housing over 5000 lamas, a junior high school, a cultural college, and a hospital.
  • Madikeri Fort- The most famous place for a family picnic, and gardening places in Coorg was built in the 17th century. The place has been invaded and ruled by many Mughals including Tipu Sultan. Witness the British-style architecture, rare artifacts, and elephants.
  • Iruppu Waterfall- Situated in the Brahmagiri mountain range, it is one of the best places in Coorg for travelers and trekkers to capture the enchanting natural beauty and gushing falls surrounded by avid greenery and numerous trekking trails.
  • Nilakandi Falls- Nestled amid the dense tropical forests, it is the popular monsoon trekking destination to visit in Coorg from July till September. Also known as Honey Volley, the falls are traced in the Tadiyandemol range and offer extensive plantation sights of coffee and cardamom.
  • Omkareshwar Temple- Visit a 19th-century-built temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Admire the Muhammad-style architecture of the temple and a freshwater tank with fishes. It is the most ideal place for a family vacation.
  • Brahmagiri Peak- Blessed with misty hills, mystic forests, glistening streams, and colorful flora and fauna, Brahmagiri Peak is the most beautiful place in Coorg to visit all year long.
  • Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary- The perfect place for wildlife photographers and nature enthusiasts in Coorg where you will witness numerous rare and endangered birds, its forest reserve- Kadamakkal, and Kukke Subramanya and Bisle Reserve Forest
  • Karada Village- It is an offbeat place in Coorg for tourists to visit any time of the year. The place is a popular hideout for backpackers for being secluded, offering unspoiled natural beauty and hundreds of years old ancestral homes.

Thrilling Activities to do in Coorg

  • Trekking and camping- Embark on a thrilling trekking activity to Chelavara Falls, Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, Nishani Motte, Brahmagiri Hill, Raja’s Seat, etc., and go camping near Nalakand palace, Chevalara Falls, and so on for a memorable trip.
  • Jeep Safari- It is among the famous adventure activities to do in Coorg in Mandalpatti, Kabbe Hills, Nishani Hills, and several wildlife sanctuaries, and witness the exotic and endangered wildlife across the dense forests and offbeat trails.
  • Ziplining- Another fun and exciting adventure thing to do in Coorg in Madikeri to make your trip memorable. Zip-flying across the river and get a panoramic view of the mesmerizing surroundings.
  • River Rafting- It is one of the popular off-beat activities to do in Coorg for all adventure lovers on the Barapole River near Dubare Elephant Camp.
  • Rock Climbing- Another fun and exciting adventure thing to do in Coorg in Madikeri to make your trip memorable. Zip-flying across the river and get a panoramic view of the mesmerizing surroundings.
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Best Holiday Packages for Coorg


6 days Coorg Honeymoon Tour

5 Nights / 6 days Starting From
Rs 8,700 View Detail Enquire Now

6 days Coorg Honeymoon Tour

5 Nights / 6 days Starting From
Rs 8,700 View Detail Enquire Now

6 days Coorg Honeymoon Tour

5 Nights / 6 days Starting From
Rs 8,700 View Detail Enquire Now

6 days Coorg Honeymoon Tour

5 Nights / 6 days Starting From
Rs 8,700 View Detail Enquire Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How much will it cost me for Coorg Holiday Packages?
Our Coorg Holiday Packages are customizable to meet your preferences and comfort. To get an estimated idea of a budget, contact our travel experts at Safar Mentor and get all the information and get your queries answered instantly.
Q.How many days are enough to explore Coorg?
One can explore many famous places in Coorg in a minimum of 3 days of tours to go on trekking, camping, Wildlife Safari, coffee farming, centuries-old temples, and several famous waterfalls. If time allows, you can indulge in the adventure activities such as river rafting, quad biking, rock climbing, valley farming, etc.
Q.Are there any shopping places in Coorg?
Coorg is popular for its rich tree species and coffee plantations. One can shop for silk sarees, organic oils, balms, homemade wines and chocolates, and elegant woodcraft at Kushal Nagar Market, Choci Coorg, Hema Wine Shop, Tibetan Flea Market, Jawahar Silk Sarees, Friday Market, and so on.
Q.Is Coorg safe for traveling with kids?
Yes, Coorg is extremely safe either traveling with kids or solo as the place hosts hundreds of thousands of travelers every year from all around the world. Just make sure to keep your belongings safe and avoid strolling on unknown trails alone at night.
Q.Which is the best way to reach Coorg?
To save time and make the most out of your trip, the convenient way to travel to Coorg is by air. The closest airport is Mangalore International Airport located about 140 km from Coorg. Either hire a private taxi or catch a bus to reach your destination from the airport.