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Chikmagalur Tour Packages

Chikmagalur, a picturesque hill station in Karnataka, is an ideal destination for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Safar Mentor offers various Chikmagalur tour packages catering to different interests and budgets.

The packages include accommodation, transportation, and guided tours to popular attractions such as the Mullayanagiri peak, Baba Budangiri, and the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary. Visitors can also indulge in trekking, camping, and coffee plantation tours.

For those seeking a more luxurious experience, Safar Mentor offers premium packages, including stays in heritage bungalows and resorts, spa treatments, and private tours with personal guides.

The Chikmagalur tour packages offered by Safar Mentor provide a hassle-free and enjoyable travel experience, with all details taken care of. Visitors can sit back, relax and soak in the natural beauty of Chikmagalur while Safar Mentor takes care of the rest.

Best Time to Visit Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur in Winter Season : Winter Season: Chikmagalur's winter season lasts from December to February, when temperatures hover around 14°C. Winter is the busiest season for tourists in Chikmagalur, bringing in the most visitors. Although the evenings may become cooler, the weather is pleasant now, making it ideal for a local town tour. Visits to coffee plantations are very popular during the winter season in Chikmagalur.

Chikmagalur in Monsoon Season : Chikmagalur's monsoon season lasts from June to September, with an average annual rainfall of 1886 mm. Because this is the lean season in Chikmagalur, it is a perfect time to visit for anyone searching for deals and wanting to spend some time away from the tourist horde. If you don't like rain, now is the greatest time to visit the hill station, which has beautiful green meadows, meandering streams, tumbling waterfalls, and mist-clad summits.

Chikmagalur in Summer Season : Summer lasts from March to May; visiting Chikmagalur is a fantastic season since the weather is nice and the temperature does not surpass 35°C. While these may appear to be high temperatures, it should be emphasized that Chikmagalur is significantly cooler than its neighbouring towns due to the mountainous topography and the cool air that sweeps in through the Palakkad gap of the Western Ghats. Its mild climate encourages people to stroll or hike the paths leading to stunning picturesque sites in Chikmagalur to avoid the plains' blistering heat.

How to Reach Chikmagalur

By Air : The closest airport to Chikmagalur is Mangalore Airport, which is 150 kilometres away. Most Indian airports have direct flights to Mangalore, including Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Jaipur, Kolkata, Udaipur, and Mumbai. You may take a cab or bus from Mangalore to Chikmagalur.

By Train :Chikmagalur has its railway station (CMGR); however, it is well connected to other surrounding cities like Bangalore, Chennai, and Mangalore. As a result, the nearest railway stations to Chikmagalur are Kadur (45 kilometres), Hassan (56 kilometres), and Birur (51 kilometres). Passenger and express trains frequently run to Chikmagalur between Bangalore and Chennai.

By Road :Chikmagalur connects adjacent cities like Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Belur, Kadur, Hubi, and Hassan. Frequent state government and private buses connect these cities. You can either use a taxi service or drive your vehicle.

Major Tourist Attractions in Chikmagalur

  • Z Point : Z Point in Chikmagalur is one of the top trekking locations in Karnataka, offering breathtaking views over the western ghats. It is 3 kilometres long and offers spectacular dawn and sunset views. Kemmagundi Raj Bhavan is the starting point, and Shanti waterfalls are located on the way to the peak.
  • Kemmangundi : Kemmangundi is a popular hill station in Chikmagalur, known for its panoramic vistas and gardens. It is also a popular destination for nature enthusiasts, with stunning waterfalls, bubbling streams, and green valleys. Raj Bhawan provides a stunning sunset vista, making it a photographer's dream.
  • Hebbe Falls : Hebbe falls are the largest waterfalls in Chikmagalur, located 10 kilometres from Kemmangundi. They are divided into two sections, Dodda Hebbe, or Large Waterfall, and Chikka Hebbe, or Little Falls. Coffee farms can be seen on all sides, making for an ideal walking track up to the waterfalls. You can drive to the bottom if you travel with old individuals or little children.
  • Ballalarayana Durga Fort : A trek up to the secluded Ballalarayana Durga Fort, which sits on a lovely hill, is one of the most beautiful things to do in Chikmagalur. One of the best Chikmagalur attractions is the charming settings, rolling hills, and vistas of the spectacular Western Ghats as you cross the countryside.
  • Belur : Belur is famed for its architectural magnificence, which will transport you back in time to experience the wonders of the Hoysala kingdom. The ancient city is located on the banks of the Yagachi River and is most known for its temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Chennakesava.

Adventure Things To Do in Chikmagalur

  • Exploring Coffee Plantations : Chikmagalur, Karnataka's Coffee Country, is known for its gorgeous coffee plantations, which provide a refreshing start to the day. These estates are ideal for people wanting to unwind in the beauty of nature.
  • Camping : Chikmagalur has pleasant weather, lush greenery, amazing mountain peaks, and waterfalls. It is a perfect camping spot for a night sky of sparkling stars with a group of friends. Ask us for a perfect spot for a camp.
  • Trekking : Chikmagalur is a popular destination for trekkers due to its variety of trails, misty fog, pleasant smell of coffee, lush greenery, and thundering river and waterfalls.
  • Safaris : The Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is 38 kilometres west of Chikmagalur in Karnataka and offers a forest safari, water-based adventures, trekking, island camping, bird watching, and rock climbing.
  • Rafting : Rafting is a popular activity in Chikmagalur, Karnataka, where the River Bhadra runs through the Deccan Plateau and provides a breathtaking view of the Western Ghats. The rapids stretch over 8 kilometres and take 1.5 hours to finish.
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Best Holiday Packages for Chikmagalur


6 days Chikmagalur Honeymoon Tour

5 Nights / 6 days Starting From
Rs 8,700 View Detail Enquire Now

6 days Chikmagalur Honeymoon Tour

5 Nights / 6 days Starting From
Rs 8,700 View Detail Enquire Now

6 days Chikmagalur Honeymoon Tour

5 Nights / 6 days Starting From
Rs 8,700 View Detail Enquire Now

6 days Chikmagalur Honeymoon Tour

5 Nights / 6 days Starting From
Rs 8,700 View Detail Enquire Now

Frequently Asked Questions About Chikmagalur Travel

Q.What is well-known in Chikmagalur?
Chikmagalur is well-known for its nice weather, lush forest, gushing waterfalls, misty fog, cool air, homestays, western ghats, diverse fauna, and coffee plantations.
Q.When is it best to visit Chikmagalur?
Chikmagalur has nice temperatures throughout the year, but the ideal time is from September to March. The temperature ranges from 14 to 32 degrees Celsius.
Q.Is it worthwhile to visit Chikmagalur?
Yeah, Chikmagalur is a favourite weekend destination for Bangalore residents. This hill town is famous for its waterfalls, western ghats, coffee plantations, and tradition. Chikmagalur, home to Karnataka's highest mountain, has much to offer, including hiking, rafting, golfing, kayaking, and nature strolling.
Q.What are the finest activities in Chikmagalur?
Hiking, camping, rafting, mountain biking, and trekking are just a few of the activities available at Chikmagalur.