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Auli Tour Packages

Choose from our customized Auli Holiday Packages at Safar Mentor and explore the famous ski resort and winter destination of Uttarakhand this year.

Situated at an elevation of about 2,909 meters, Auli is the most beautiful, less-explored hill station in Uttarakhand and is a paradise for skiers and trekkers. Known for its unspoiled natural beauty, sacred Nanda Devi and Trishul Peak, and pristine artificial lakes, Auli offers many offbeat places and thrilling things to explore such as a trek to Gurso Bugyal, camping at Chattrakund, a wildlife exploration in Nanda Devi National Park, and picnicking at Chenab Lake. The place houses many famous revered temples, and rich culture, and is a starting point for many famous and most sacred pilgrimage treks including Joshimath, Badrinath, Vishnuprayag, and Bedni Bugyal trek, and so on.

So, get ready for the cold and lazy mornings embracing the enchanting sunrise, snow-covered mountains, and fresh green surroundings with cool breezes and mystical foggy hills with our customizable Auli Tour Packages. Feel free to call our travel experts and get the latest information on deals and budget booking of Auli Itinerary Trip packages.

Best Time to Visit Auli

Auli in Summer- The weather remains pleasantly chill with the maximum temperature extending up to 20 C from April to June. It is the best time for sightseeing and indulging in thrilling outdoor activities when the whole town blossoms with colorful flora and verdant greenery all around.

Auli in Monsoon-The town receives moderate rainfall from July to August in Auli. It is an ideal time to watch the monsoon working its magic spell here and the weather remains quite chill with the temperature between 15 C to 10 C. Since, it is not the peak season, you can easily find well-discounted accommodation.

Auli in Winter-The winter season from October to February is an ideal time to visit Auli for a romantic getaway. The entire valley is covered in a thick snow blanket on hilltops offering heavenly surroundings to explore. It is the best time to visit Apple Orchids and bite on an unspoiled, juicy apple.

How to Reach Auli

By Air- The nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, which is about 283 km away from Auli. Hire a taxi or a cab from the airport to reach your destination.

By Train-Dehradun and Rishikesh Railway Stations are the to Auli located about 294 km and 260 km from Auli, respectively. Hire a cab or a two-wheeler to reach your destination.

By Road-Reach Dehradun or Rishikesh and hire a two-wheeler, and embark on a scenic road trip to Auli’s snow-peaked mountains and dense forests on a well-maintained but winding road. Except for winter when the roads due to heavy snowfall remain nonoperational.

Major Tourist Attractions in Auli

  • Nanda Devi Peak- Trek to the second-largest peak in India, Nanda Devi Peak, a famous trekking and skiing destination in Auli and also holds highly religious significance among trekkers and devotees alike.
  • Joshimath- It is the most sacred town of Uttarakhand located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand about 11 km from Auli. Joshimath offers famous unexplored places for trekking and sightseeing. One of the Hindu Char Dham Yatra pilgrimage sites, the Badrinath trek, commences from here.
  • Auli Lake- Situated at about 3000m high, Auli Artificial Lake is one of the highest man-made lakes in India that serves as the perfect weekend getaway destination in Auli for a family picnic, trekkers, and nature lovers.
  • Gurso Bugyal- It is one of the popular trekking and camping destinations in Auli. This 3 km trek will take you to the scenic views of snowy Nanda Devi Peak, Trishul Peak, and Vishnuprayag.
  • Chattrakund- Nestled amid enchanting snow-capped mountain peaks and dense pine, oak, and deodar forests, Chattrakund is a 4 km heavenly trekking destination in Auli famous among travelers for its enchanting sunrise and sunset sights.
  • Kwani Bugyal- It is a famous trekking destination among couples that is hard to miss in an Auli Itinerary Package in the summer season. The park offers fascinating views of Nanda Devi and Dunagiri Parvat peaks.
  • Trishul Peak- Boasting the three Kumaon Himalayan mountains forming the Trishul-shaped peaks, the place is a popular trekking and skiing destination in Auli, located at a height of about 7120 meters. Witness the grand view of Chenab Lake, Nanda Devi peak, and the scenic Auli town.
  • Chenab Lake- Located about 2 km from Auli's main town, Chenab Lake is another popular tourist destination famous for its glistening man-made lake and serene camping areas, and challenging trekking trails.

Thrilling Activities to do in Auli

  • Trekking and Camping- Embark on one of the most famous things in Auli and cherish the magnificent natural surroundings when trekking to popular offbeat places including Nanda Devi, Trishul Peak, and Kuari Pass trek, camping at Gurso Bugyal, day trek to Auli Lake and Kwani Bugyal, and more.
  • Skiing- Your Auli Trip Packages are incomplete without counting skiing for the best Uttarakhand trip experience. Being the famous ski resort destination in India, Auli offers many places in the winter season with awestruck views to enjoy skiing to the fullest.
  • Bird-watching and Wildlife Tour- It is the best outdoor activity for wildlife lovers to do in Auli and capture the beautiful migratory birds and exotic wild animals at Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve and Nanda Devi National Park.
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Best Holiday Packages for Auli


6 days Auli Honeymoon Tour

5 Nights / 6 days Starting From
Rs 8,700 View Detail Enquire Now

6 days Auli Honeymoon Tour

5 Nights / 6 days Starting From
Rs 8,700 View Detail Enquire Now

6 days Auli Honeymoon Tour

5 Nights / 6 days Starting From
Rs 8,700 View Detail Enquire Now

6 days Auli Honeymoon Tour

5 Nights / 6 days Starting From
Rs 8,700 View Detail Enquire Now

Frequently Asked Questions About Auli Travel

Q.What are the best affordable Auli Tour Packages?
Browse from our tailored Auli Tour Packages that are made for family, friends, solo backpackers, and honeymooners to make the most out of the place like going to popular places, adventurous outdoor activities, and tasting the best food, and so on. To get an estimated idea of a budget, feel free to call our travel experts at Safar Mentor when in doubt.
Q.Is it worth visiting Auli?
Yes, Auli is worth every second of your visit here. The place offers many offbeat places packed with dense deodar forests, several world’s highest and religious peaks, and blistering man-made lakes. From nature walks to trekking, camping, and many adventure sports especially skiing, Auli is an all-in-one destination to visit all year long.
Q.Which is the best way to reach Auli?
To save time and make the most out of your trip, the convenient way to travel to Auli is via road. Reach Rishikesh via flight or train, and hire a two-wheeler from the city. Embark on a memorable road trip and cover a distance of approximately 267 km that will take around 7 hours and 05 minutes.
Q.What is the best time to visit Auli?
Auli can be explored all year long. If you wish to explore more sightseeing and trekking places, summer is the perfect time to visit. For those who love everything related to snow, then the winter season from October to February is the perfect time for a heavenly vacation and enjoy several adventure activities like skiing and a winter trekking expedition to Kwani Bugyal.
Q.What should I wear when visiting Auli?
Since the weather in Auli always remains pleasant to cold throughout the year, it’s better to wear full-length clothes, appropriate hiking shoes, a scarf, a hat, or sunglasses. Bring extra pair of tees, socks, trek pants, and toiletries. Don’t forget to pack your medicines, if any, and a basic medical kit just to be safe.