• TypeType:Fun And Enjoyment
  • Dates:31-Oct-2023 to 15-Nov-2023
  • Location:Gujarat


Gujarat is a state of culture, tradition, and natural beauty. It has beaches, temples as well as forests. Tithal beach is a part of Gujarat's beauty. This beach is black sand, a unique feature that makes it a delightful seashore. The beach festival is celebrated on specific dates in November for two days. The climate in this month is pleasant in Gujarat; thus, it becomes a perfect event to participate in.

Numerous people from Gujarat, even from other states of India, will take place at the Tithal beach for this festival. The environment of the Tithal beach changes during these 2 days of the festival.

This beach festival is the second most popular one, which holds a variety of activities for entertainment. Lightning is the beach festival's sole characteristic, which adds beauty to it. This black sand beach hosting the festival is known for its elegant sightseeing. There are a lot of grand entertainment activities organised during these 2 days. Musical events and decorative lights change the entire ambience of Tithal beach. The delicious different foods and snacks with a blend of the flavours of Gujarat are present at the beach. Different games or sports are also organised at the beach to add more fun and excitement amongst the visitors. Volleyball, Cricket, Water ball, and other water sports are held at the beach. Other fun-loving activities to involve or engage people well are also planned. Magical shows to grab the interest of children and adults are too planned to build great enthusiasm amongst the visitors.

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FAQs about Beach Festival in Gujarat

Q.Where is the Beach festival of Gujarat organised?
The Beach festival of Gujarat is organised on Tithal Beach.
Q.What are the unique features of Tithal Beach?
The unique feature of Tithal beach is the black sand and the delightful seashore.
Q.What is the soul characteristic of the beach festival?
Lightning is the sole characteristic of the beach festival.
Q.For how long does this beach festival continues?
For two days in November, this beach festival continues.