PDEU SPE Festival GUJARAT 2023

  • TypeType: Cultural
  • Dates: 13-Nov-2022 to 17-Nov-2022
  • Location:Gujarat


Pandit Deendayal Energy University Society of Petroleum Engineers Fest is the full form of the abbreviated term PDEU SPE FEST. It is the largest Oil and Gas Festival. It gives students from all over the world a chance to collaborate, study, invent, confront, solve problems, and advance in both their technical and social intelligence. It is the university’s third International Oil and Gas Technical Festival under the “Irradiating Brilliance” maxim. This tech fest will cover paper and poster presentations, model making,

quiz competition, case study solving competition,virtual block bidding, well log interpretation, geology challenge, puzzle solving, drilling mud preparation, guest lectures, and spot trading competition, and these events and competitions will give the participants insight into the petroleum industry. The motivation behind the fest is to give budding petroleum engineers practical knowledge of the theoretical background they study and to make them realize how the industry actually works.

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FAQs about PDEU SPE FEST festival

Q.Which fair(s) of Gujarat is/are world famous?
Kite festival, Modhera dance festival, and Rann Utsav are some famous fairs of Gujarat.
Q.Which is the largest fair in Gujarat?
Vautha Fair is the largest fair in Gujarat.
Q.How many fairs and festivals are held in Gujarat?
Around 3500 fairs and festivals are held in Gujarat.
Q.Which is the most famous festival in Gujarat?
Navratri is the most famous festival in Gujarat.