• Type:Cultural
  • Dates: 21-Nov-2023 to 24-Nov-2023
  • Location:Jengraimukh, Assam


Majuli is Northeast India’s largest river island. Majuli is the cultural capital of Assam. The music festival of Majuli is a major and popular music event in India. It is held every year in November and is organised by Majuli Music Festival Foundation, RIGBO, in collaboration with various government and non-government organisations. The objective of this festival is the overall Majuli development, especially to promote the Majuli tourism sector and grow the rural economy. There are many possibilities in the Majuli tourism sector. Majuli has been a major tourist destination.As more people visit the place, they will learn more about its history, culture, and traditions. The music festival also aims for the same.

Majuli has spirituality and a blend of various ethnic cultures, giving tourism a distinct identity. The sub divisional headquarters of the Majuli Island, Garmur is well known for its ethereal scenic beauty where this festival is observed. The lifestyle of riverine people, food habits, traditional architecture, clothing, etc., provide natural beauty and attract tourists to Majuli. The Jengraimukh area is all set with excitement for the music festival. The locals are ready to welcome the festival as well as the tourists. The native foods, clothing etc., have been decorated in the stalls. Everyone in Majuli has set their homes ready to welcome and accommodate tourists.


Majuli is the cultural capital of Assam. Numerous cultural and religious traditions have been celebrated in Majuli from the 16th century. This festival showcases the traditions through the native group performances and exhibitions. The Majuli Music Festival displays the remnants of the old traditions. The pottery, weapons and other items are displayed as a part of the festivities. Majuli island is known to be a hub of various tribes. The island is home to many non-tribal and scheduled caste tribes.The languages spoken on the island are majorly Mising, Deori, and Assamese. Many budding and established artists, dancers, musicians, and artisans participate in the festival.


The Majuli Music Festival lasts for four days. This festival starts on the 21st of November each year and continues to the 24th of the same month.


Majuli Music Festival is a celebration of tradition of the people of Assam and beyond. There is no actual ritual to follow for the Majuli Music Festival but cultural performances and display of various traditional things of the region. A food festival is organised during the Majuli Music Festival in which varieties of tribal foods are cooked.Seminars on relevant issues are organised. Special events are organised where classical performances from all over the country can be enjoyed.


  1. Handicraft Items and Traditional Attire: The festival features exhibitions on hand-made home decor items from bamboo and cane along with many pottery items. The locals traditional attires during the festival are Dhoti-Kurta for men and Mekhla-Chadar for women. Apart from these, there are many special attires that are worn by some specific tribes such as Sgaopha (turban) by Dimasa Tribe, Dokhna (wrap around) by Bodo Tribe, and Mibu Galuk (t-shirt) by Mising Tribe.
  2. Folk and Tribal Culture: The culture and traditions of Majuli island attract a lot of tourists from around the world.Numerous cultural programs are celebrated during the course of this festival which shows the customs of the people of the island.
  3. Local Food: A food festival is also organised with all the amazing delicacies of the state as well as of the tribes living on Majuli Island. Dishes like Duck Meat Curry, Maasor Tenga (fish curry), Paro Manxho (pigeon meat), Silk Worm, Pitha (sweet dish), and Alu Pitika.
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FAQs about Majuli Music Festival Assam

Q.Which is the main festival in Jengraimukh?
Majuli Music Festival is the main festival in Jengraimukh.
Q.When is the Majuli Music Festival held?
The festival is held every year in November.
Q.What is the aim of the Majuli Music Festival?
The aim and objective of this event is the overall development of Majuli, particularly to promote the tourism sector in Majuli and strengthen the rural economy.
Q.Whose mask-making craft is world famous?
The mask-making craft of Chamguri Satra is world-famous.